am·bi·tion \am-ˈbi-shən\ : a particular goal or aim — something that a person hopes to do or achieve. a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous.
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Adrienne Ramos is 20 years old and is a dance instructor at Diverse Elements. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Manhattan. She specializes in acting and dance, and was voted in the Class of 2012 yearbook as Most Likely to Assault an Officer. Some say she looks exactly like Vanessa Hudgens, but she doesn't see it.

+; outgoing, generous, honest

-; distant, spoiled, stubborn

“What was your life like before high school?”

"Kinda hectic, to be honest. My parents were always moving me between Brooklyn and Puerto Rico with my grandmother, and then they always sent me to boarding schools. They had these super high expectations of me that I could never meet, and instead of trying to please them I just constantly fucked up instead. Flawed logic, I know, but I’m not dead yet so clearly I did something right. So pretty much I was always causing trouble, getting in fights, joy-riding, smoking, all that nonsense. I legit got sent to a reform school for a year. The only stable thing in my life was dance, and one of my instructors referred me to WSSA and I decided to audition. I lowkey missed being in New York, and I thought that I might as well focus on something that was actually good for my life."

“So tell us a bit about your time at WSSA.”

"I didn’t hate high school, but I didn’t love it either. It was just average, I guess. I was pretty popular since I was a cheerleader, but it also might have had to do with the rumor that I allegedly slept with every boy on the football team. Anyway. By junior year I had figured out exactly how many classes I needed to attend to be counted present, and after that, you like never saw me at school in the afternoon unless it was a test day or I was a part of a recital. It didn’t help that I lived off campus too. The only way to guaranteed catch me was at a party making a damn fool of myself with my friends. So all and all, high school was pretty nice but only because I was barely there."

“What have you been doing since you graduated?”

"I’m gonna be honest here and say that I did not give zero fucks about the senior competition. My birth family had money, my adoptive family has money, getting where I wanted to go in life wasn’t an issue. I spent a few months after graduation traveling around. I went to Italy with Evie, then I went to Puerto Rico to give my birth family the final ‘Vete a la mierda' that I've been waiting to say for years. I thought about taking a gap year and applying for NYU, but what was I gonna do, major in dance twice? Dumb. I starred in a few nobody short films, but the biggest thing I've done so far is manage to convince the owner of Diverse Elements to let me work there. That's the studio I trained at for most of my life, so it just feels right that I now teach what was taught to me to younger kids and some adults too. As much as I love what I do, I still feel like I could be doing something far better, I just don't know what.”

“Who are some of your classmates that stick out to you?”

Evan Saxena; “I don’t wanna be petty and say that I’m the only reason that he was even relevant in school, but I’m the only reason he was even relevant in school. I was a cheerleader and he was on the football team, so I saw him pretty often. We started out as friends with benefits, and then we started dating when I was a junior and he was a senior. And then we broke up, except not really? We were never actually like ‘Hey we’re breaking up’, he just graduated and he never said shit to me and I never said shit to him because we were mad at each other. Things were really good for us at first, I like really loved him, but then all we did was fight. It was over stupid shit too. He never would defend me, like even when there were girls finding my address so they could hurt me, he somehow made it my fault and sided with them. Like, what kind of shit boyfriend are you? It was so tiring to deal with, and it sounds so rude but I really don’t miss him because of that. I don’t feel like any sort of closure is necessary, y’feel me?”

Evelyn Zamora; “I spent soooo many years hating her ass. We met at reform school, and somehow, some way, we managed to end up at the same school two times after that. We hated each other over a boy. A boy. Petty, right? He fucked us over big time, then one of our mutual friends fucked us over and left, so we figured by then we might as well make amends with each other. I never expected us to get as close as we did though. We have like everything in common, except for the fact that I’m short and Puerto Rican and Evie’s tall and Italian. We finish each other’s sentences and all that sappy shit. Hell, her family even adopted me, like papers and family court and all. She’s my best friend, more than my best friend, and I love her to death and don’t know what I would do without her.”

Sean Rivera; “Sean is the only Dominican that I actually like. He’s my favorite, but don’t let him know that or else it’ll get to his head and then I’ll have to hurt his feelings. Me, him and Evie were so close in high school. Well at first we would make him do stuff for us, because honestly, he was a sucker for a pretty girl and that has not changed. But then it turned out that he was actually a pretty cool dude once he spoke up. We would just skip class to go around doing hoodrat shit. And then he would come back to our house with us and then never fucking leave. He still does that now, actually. He does not leave my house, he does not leave my job, and I’m really tempted to make him start paying bills if he wasn’t like a little puppy or little brother to me.”

Trenton King; “We’re friends, I guess. He was a football player, I was a cheerleader, we were both pretty popular so we saw each other all the time. Trent’s such an asshole, but I think that’s what helped us get along so well. Normally I understand where he’s coming from, but there’s those moments when he pisses me off and I’d slap him if it wouldn’t ruin that gorgeous face of his. We still hang out, but not that often, because there’s only so much of him I can take before he starts working my nerves. It’s over some real stupid shit too. Like a few weeks ago I got mad at him because he flat out refused to let me be in his next music video. I stay ready to hop up on a step stool and fight his tall ass.”

Unfortunately for you, Adrienne is taken.

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